ShangHai Biyun Filtrate Equipment Co.,Ltd
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            2. ShangHai  Biyun Filtrate  Equipment  Co.,Ltd
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              Shanghai Pik Wan filtering Audio Supplies Company Limited (SHANGHAI BI YUN FILTER EQUIPMENT CO., LTD) was founded in 2001 June, the registered capital of 1000000 yuan, is a professional engaged in stainless steel filter and filter manufacturers.
              The main products are: melt-blown filter (PP), wound-type filter (XPP), carbon core (TX), folded filter (ZPP) filter bag, stainless steel filter, single core (pipeline) filter, a microporous filter, bag filter, precision filter, titanium stick filter, active carbon filter, self-cleaning filter, trolley system.
              Prducts list>> MORE
              JB Single core precision filter
              TECHNICAL DATA:◆Material:SUS304、SUS316L◆Connection type:G1/2″、G3/4″、G1″ screw thread...
              TECHNICAL DATA◆Material:SUS304、SUS316L◆Connection type:screw thread or flange◆Seal mater...
              TECHNICAL DATA ◆Material:SUS304、SUS316L◆Connection type:screw thread or flange◆Se...
              JDA Single bag filter-concaved cover type
              TECHNICAL DATA ◆Material:SUS304、SUS316L◆Connection type:Screw thread or flange ...
              JDG Single bag filter-turtle bag type
              TECHNICAL DATA◆Material:SUS304、SUS316L◆Connection type:Flange  ◆Seal material:BUNA...
              JWC(K)Microporous Single Core Filter
              TECHNICAL DATA ◆Material:SUS304、SUS316L◆Connection type:quick connect or flange◆S...
              JWC(K) Microporous Filter
              TECHNICAL DATA ◆Material:SUS304、SUS316L◆Connection type:quick connect or flange◆S...
              JKK Air Filter
              TECHNICAL DATA ◆Material:SUS304、SUS316L◆Connection type:quick connect or flange◆S...
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